New Solutions: A Journal of Environmental and Occupational Health Policy


New Solutions is now being published by Sage Publishing.


Articles and issues are not available for viewing on this site.  A listing of journal volumes and issues, with table of contents and the abstracts is available at the  publisher's web site (SAGE Publications - New Solutions).  Free download of pdf files is available there to subscribers.  Inquiries about articles may be made there or by email message to Craig Slatin -


At the intersection of health, work, and the environment stands New Solutions—the only journal that attempts to both define the issues and offer perspectives for change.

New Solutions’ voice is progressive, experienced, challenging. The quarterly’s contributors are scientists and policy-makers in academia and government, unionists on the shop floor, environmentalists in their many habitats, and activists on the streets, all well placed to see what works and what doesn’t in policy for sustainable development.

New Solutions delivers authoritative responses to perplexing problems, with a worker’s voice, an activist’s commitment, a scientist’s approach, and a policy-maker’s experience.